August 28, 2011

A helluva week

Let's start with me turning a year older last Saturday (not yesterday, the Saturday before that). Then Mother Nature decided that we east coast folks need some shaking up (earthquake last Tuesday) and some cleaning up as well (Hurricane Irene yesterday and today). I can look at all three events as just bad news, right? Not a lot of people enjoy turning a year old. What's more, who actually likes earthquakes and hurricanes? But somehow, I can't find it in me to see the bad in them.

My birthday turned out fabulously. Ended up with a surprise birthday celebration that was included with my niece's graduation party. Everyone pretty much kept me in the dark, which made the surprise all the more surprising and yes, fun. I even had my favorite cake! So I can't complain about that. The way I see it, if you don't grow old, it means you're dead. So I'm only too happy to turn a year older. :)

As for last Tuesday's earthquake, sure I was the voice of experience in the office. Turns out some of them have never experienced an earthquake before. They didn't know what was going on. I was the one who said, "yes, this is an earthquake. Let's go." Then we all scooted out of the building. Less than a minute can feel like forever when you're experiencing an earthquake. I've said it before and I say it again, nothing like an earthquake to remind you of what's important and what's not. I called up and/or texted family immediately to check how they were.

As for Hurricane Irene, my husband and I prepared like everyone else. How can we not? Federal, state and local officials were bombarding us with messages to prepare. Now I'm getting irritated because some folks are saying how it was boring, how nothing happened, and how things were exaggerated. Perspective, people! If you have the chance to complain and whine, it means you're safe and sound at home! Folks should just grow up. How can these folks say nothing happened? Maybe it's more appropriate for them to say nothing happened to THEM, because Irene definitely affected a lot of people out there. Right now, I'm just very thankful that Hurricane Irene turned out to be less than expected. The alternative would've been so much worse.

There you have it, folks. Here's to a quieter week ahead. Hopefully, Mother Nature will take it easy in the meantime.


Lene said...

Oh my. That's a lot, Cez. Good to know you are safe. I've only known an earthquake that hit DC. Btw, belated happy birthday! =D

Cecilia said...

Thanks, Lene! The earthquake's epicenter was actually in Virginia, but we certainly felt it here too. Take care in the meantime!