September 18, 2011

Back to school

After years of not being in school, I'm back. Goodness, it feels good to be back. All thanks to "The Optimist's Creed". Particularly this line: "I promise myself to give so much time to improving myself that I have no time to criticize others." Last time I was in school was back in the late 90s. Then it was all work, work, work.

Now I go to school 6 hours per week. I work 30 hours per week. Add to that our photography business. I'm still figuring out how to manage my time well. Doing my assignments and sleeping early prove challenging. I like reading and writing at night, but I end up sleeping late. I've never been an early sleeper (the earliest I sleep is 12 a.m.), but I've got to re-work my sleeping habits if I intend to stay healthy and well-rested. That means doing homework way earlier than the day before the actual class, of course. :) Yet another challenge!

Why did you go back to school? Not finishing my masters education back in the Philippines has been a humongous regret for the longest time (just ask my husband). Especially since I already passed the comprehensive exam and reached the thesis part. But life sent me an opportunity that I couldn't pass up. The thesis got kicked to the curbside. Eventually, the school's residency period expired, leaving me without the masters degree. After all the hard work I already put in.

Why did it take this long to study again? I've always had it in my head that "studying in the US costs an arm and a leg". Wish I can say that's false, but it's so true. I considered going back to the Philippines and studying there again. But when I inquired and it seemed like I have to jump through hoops, I decided to apply here just to see what would happen. Considered 10 schools, narrowed it to five, three and finally, two. When I got accepted by the school in my #1 spot, "the die was cast", so to speak. I thought of waiting for #2, but good sense took over. If my #1 choice accepted me, why on earth was I waiting for #2?

Isn't it expensive? Darn straight it is. I'm still on the look-out for scholarships, grants, etc. for the coming semesters. So if you guys know of any, HOLLER. The current work I'm doing pays enough for my share of the bills, but not at the same rate I used to get (yeah, talk about underpaid. what can we do? bad economy). Studying again's my way of investing in me. Hopefully, I'll get a nice return.

And that, my friends, is the reason why I'm quiet again. :)


chepie said...

school is fun!! and cramming makes it all the more exciting!!! :)

Cecilia said...

hahaha! spoken like a true UP gal!

Meikah said...

Wow, Cez! Congratulations on your going back to school. I miss the campus life, you know. What are you taking up, btw?

And, I LOVE your new layout. Pretty! :D

Cecilia said...

Thanks much, Meikah girl! To answer your question, communication with concentration in corporate communication & PR.