September 3, 2011

Some kind of cute

Did I surprise you with the new look of my blog? Did I? I sure hope I did!

I did not forewarn you guys about this change simply because I thought about it just 2 hours ago. Instead of heehawing, twiddling my thumbs, wondering whether I should or shouldn't, I went for it without thinking too much about it. I Googled "free blogger templates", saw a whole caboodle of them, liked some and ended up with Trendy Girl Designs' free template Citrus Delight. I like most of her free blogger templates, but this one caught my eye in particular. Check the header. See the bird with the flower? :) Cuuuuute!

TGD's Installation and Terms of Use doesn't allow changes in any way, so this is it. I can't really imagine changing anything since I like it. Thanks, TGD!

If you think this look seems too girly-girly for me, OH WELL. :) My sister Lynn actually designed a whole bunch of circles like the ones in the background for me weeks ago for our business' Twitter page. In the end, she designed a fitting background, so that cute background went unused. Imagine my surprise when I saw this layout - similar but not the same, of course.

I've been wanting to change this blog's look for the longest time, but never had that urge to seriously do so. Until tonight. Not really sure why I'm into circles and dots lately, but I am. So what do you think of this new look?


Leo said...

oooohh what a cool change *thumbs up* ^^

Cecilia said...

thankee! you like? of course, you're a dude, so the colors might not be to your liking, but whatever...I lost my train of thought! hahaha!

Lene said...

Definitely cute! And I like how it fits the screen. So apt, so you. :)

Cecilia said...

Thanks, Lene! You might bop me in the head, but the latest post is about one of your posts!