November 11, 2011


"‎~ The Meaning 0f 11.11.11 ~

"All over the world people will gather in ceremonies, rituals, meditations or prayers on November 11th. They will come together in homes, coliseums, sacred centers, holy or ancient sites, and in small and large groups. They will use sound, breath, instruments, or visualization to invoke an outpouring of energetic and spiritual light. Their collective intentions are to seed the atmosphere in and around the world that will bring peace, harmony, and balanced living for today's children as well as for future generations yet to come to earth.

"So why is the date significant, and what's so important about this series of repetitive numbers on our calendars? Because 11.11.11, is the eleventh time since January 1st 2001 (1.1.1) that a date representing a month, day or year, repeats itself on the calendar. Because the numbers repeat three times, the date creates a visual marker not only on the calendar but also in human consciousness. It's a rare occurrence that will not come again for one hundred years. Interestingly, in that span of time, four generations will be born, will live out their lives, and will die. Most may never realize why the dates are important or what they mean.

"The Meaning of the Numbers 11.11.11

"To all appearances, the date 11.11.11 is simply a month, day and year on a physical calendar. But there is a transcendental aspect about the vibration of numbers that we seldom consider. Each of the sequence of repetitive dates on the calendar (1.1.1, 2.2.2, 3.3.3 through 12.12.12) hold a unique meaning and power based on symbolic numerological interpretations. But the numbers 11.11.11 are particularly significant. The number 1 represents the Creator-God, the masculine energy setting itself into the outer world, creating new beginnings. When that number 1 resonates and repeats itself, it becomes 11 which is a "Master Vibration Number" that means The Spiritual Messenger. It is the messenger that brings revelation and inspiration from a higher plain. This spiritual vibration is the architect of brotherly love on a grand or global scale.

"The power of the number is even more intensified this year because on November 11, 2011 (11.11.11) the number resonates three times as a "Master Triune Number." Due to the rarity of its occurrence on the calendar, a high frequency master triune number has the ability, through its visible nature, to open a palpable awareness in each of us. As the collective consciousness of individuals becomes more familiar with it, the refined energy behind the visible awakens and speaks to our souls. That activity opens a portal or a doorway causing a discernible sound deep inside that represents the Divine Spirit awakening in each of us. We hear that calling on different sensory levels and respond to it - though all that was visible was a date on the calendar proclaiming 11.11.11.

"The Year 2011

"Though the focus is on 11.11.11, the year 2011 should be addressed. In numerology, the year 2011 is a 4 (2+1+1=4). 4 represents form, foundation, and structure. It is spirit manifest into matter, or those things that bring everything "down to earth." 2011 is a turning point year where the Divine creative spirit, represented by 11.11.11, sets the foundation for what is to transpire in 2012 - the next generational surge of humanity and the beginning of the new Mayan Long Count Calendar. We are fortunate to be alive at the beginning of the 21st Century, witnessing one of those once every 100 year decades (2001-2012) where consciousness has been elevated enough so that the repetitive dates can be recognized and celebrated. That is the ultimate power and magnificence of the date: 11.11.11.

"How and Where to Celebrate 11.11.11

"We however, are fortunate to be alive at the beginning of the 21st century, witnessing one of those once every 100 year decades (2001 - 2012) of calendar-repetitive dates. Because 2011 is the last full year before the launch of the end of the Mayan Long Count calendar of 2012, spiritual leaders, teachers, and visionaries have elected to hold 11.11.11 sacred. On this vortex date, when so many are attuned to it, it's easier to summon groups to ceremonies that uplift spiritually and that create a consciousness of global communion, harmony and peace.

"Gatherings are set in places all around the world, from Egypt to India, from Peru to Central America. Some are meeting at sacred sites, in civic centers, in concert halls, and still others in smaller groups. There are even internet-connected meditations that will be held online. If you don't know of a ceremony near you, Google 11.11.11 and I'm sure you'll find something.

"The Intentions of the Ceremonies

"These ceremonies are a call to like-minded souls. The call is about becoming one with the vibration of shared intentions so that a magnificent sound, created on behalf of the people of earth, is activated in all of us. This vibration will set into the ether, a geometric pattern through which consciousness will be imprinted long before it is manifested into form. The intention of the gatherings is to seed a strong foundation which will support a raised consciousness in the times to come.

"In this once in 100 years moment in time the opportunity presents itself to transform global and personal consciousness through the sacred resonance of sound, thought and intention. It can become a personal commitment for all those seeking to unite in a large energetic field of conscious awakening. Let us who make the commitment be the vanguard that sets this new earth and new human into the etheric field. Together we'll create the ones we've been waiting for.

Via ~ "Realm of Tranquility"