December 1, 2011

Be Thankful 1st

It's finally the first of December 2011. Wow. Just like that. *snaps fingers*

Since it's the first of the new yet last month, I thought I'd blog about gratitude. A belated Thanksgiving post of sorts about stuff I'm grateful for right now. THIS VERY MOMENT.

I'm thankful for:

Family. My side. His side. Everyone came together and pitched in, so we can go home this month. We almost didn't go - $2,000 per person airfare was no laughing matter. We didn't want to charge it to our credit cards either. We want those paid off. But it was a wedding, a family get-together, after all. I was willing to stay behind while my husband goes home. But no. I was told that I should be there. It's a family thing. Every possible expense we'll rack up that's wedding-related was a non-issue. Someone was going to take care of it. Yeah, even my gown, hair and makeup. My side, his side - everyone made sure that they covered all bases, leaving me no room to say no. I've always found it easy to be generous to others, but being on the receiving end of other people's generosity is something that makes me feel iffy. This time around, I learned to accept what's offered with a grateful heart and spirit. With such generosity from family, how can I continue to say no? I learned that not accepting other people's generosity is itself a selfish act.

My professors. This semester was challenging, way too challenging. Even better, they're supportive of what I can do. When I express to them what I can't do, they push me to try it. They push me out of my comfort level. Then it turns out, I can actually do a pretty good job of it. Here's a sample of my video work (yeah, I haven't done video in AGES, so this was challenging). What's more, when I told them that I'd miss the final classes since I'm going to the Philippines, their response? "Of course that's not a problem." "It's family. You have to be there." "You actually thought of not going?" "You can't miss it. What will your in-laws say?" Last statement made me laugh.

New friends. I started school back in August, not knowing anyone in class. I remember the first session or two, the classroom was so quiet. Everyone typed away at their laptops, not talking to one another. Now, our professors have to announce, "ahem, ahem! We're glad you guys like discussing things together but class is about to start."

Varied work experiences. This year, I found myself working different jobs. Met really nice folks (as well as the odd cranky one). Some jobs, I really liked, but it's too bad that they really didn't pay much. Others made me realize that yes, I do have values that I stand up for...then promptly left. I realize the economy's still crappy, so I'm just really thankful for getting these assignments.

Reconciliation. Not sure how this one came about, but surprisingly, some relationships of mine are healing - relationships that I really didn't have much hope in and honestly, gave up on. But life is full of surprises. I've always said that when people exert effort in maintaining some form of contact with me, I'll reciprocate. So that's what I'm doing.

I realize people have different motivations in their lives. Mine's so simple that it seems funny. Love is the fuel that keeps me going.

I'm thankful for the people who I love and who loves me in return.
Thursday, December 01, 2011Cecilia1 comment


Meikah said...

Cez, you really have a lot to be grateful for! :) You deserve it because you are a blessing to others too.

Hope to see you when you're here. ;)

Regards to Eugene and take care, you both.