January 29, 2012

It's not my story anymore

I've got different groups of friends from different phases of my life. I don't think the groups overlap because they hardly get to meet. Today, I realized that each group knows things about me that the other groups don't.

Does that make me a less-than-forthright person? Should my life be an open book to each group? With each group, they shared my experiences at that point in time when we hung out often together. Of course, whatever they think of me and what I think of them is based largely on our experiences then.

That's why in each group, I seem to play a different role. To my high school friends, I'm the techie, suplada and mataray person who they avoid rubbing the wrong way. I'm nice as nice can be, but if you piss me off, well, takot sila'ng galitin ako dahil hindi ako aatras.

It's not that I try to forget my past by not sharing everything with every single friend I have. If I didn't share something with them, I just don't want it to be a big part of my life story anymore. ESPECIALLY if it's a bad experience. It's not as if you forget the bad stuff that happens to you. You don't. But to live in it constantly prevents you from moving on. I dislike people who act victimized. I myself don't like getting victimized. I also don't like acting like a victim. After all, I'm only a victim for as long as I allow myself to be one.

It's my story and it'll be the best story that I'll ever know. :)