February 13, 2012

I kept giving you chances...

...but even chances run out.

We've been T-Mobile customers for the longest time. So long, I don't even remember how long. Possibly 10 years or so. We've been with them that long, every time I'd contact them with questions about our account, they refer to our family plan as a "grandfather plan" since it hasn't been offered in years.

We really don't need a whole bunch of minutes. We rarely call people using our cellphones. If there's anything we - oooops, I mean me - use so much, it's international text messaging. So hubby and I thought of revising our plan - remove my 1000 (domestic) Text Messages, his 500 (domestic) Text Messages, and his Premium Handset Protection Bundle. Then we'd avail of the $30 Unlimited Domestic & International Messaging. We're also interested in either Unlimited Plus ($20/month) or Simple ($10/month) data plan. Just to give it a try. Turns out my line was no longer under contract, only my husband's. Straightforward, right?

Upon our review of our cellphone bills, well, we've been wasteful while thinking we had a good deal. I mean, if you know you've got a $49.99 family plan that's no longer offered, it sounds like a good deal, right? Plus you add the add-ons and the costs go up. We end up with an average of $85/month. How did the $45 come about? A whole bunch of charges plus taxes, mostly. $85/month was a bit annoying already, given we didn't even have a data plan.

So I called T-Mobile. They had the phone I liked - $250 with a $250 mail-in rebate. Getting the phone I liked for free? Excellent, right? But no. There was a catch. They offered to add more minutes to our plan, upgrade us to the $59.99/month plan + other things that would result in paying $120/month. I was even told, "what's $120 per month? That shouldn't be a problem."

Instead of helping me come up with a way to stay within our budget, we'd actually spend more had I said yes. They really don't make it easy for us. And it didn't even make a difference that we've been with them for 10+ years.

The whole thing ended with me signing up with AT&T that same night. Took my business elsewhere. Ended up paying only $53. They had some special with the phone I like. Even found a discount code that knocked off $100 off the total price (including phone, activation fee, etc.). Even better, I can also use my school's discount to get $25 off that new service Web order as well, so that's $53 minus $25 = $28.

My husband's staying put until his contract's done, then he's bolting as well.

I understand they're supposed to upsell, but they should know when to upsell and when not to. In our case, it backfired on T-Mobile. Their loss is AT&T's gain. Now I'm crossing my fingers that I'll have a good experience with AT&T.