February 6, 2012

Thankful in 10

I've been trying to amp up an "attitude of gratitude" for quite sometime now. Early this year, I've been doing my "thankful in 10" exercise. Maybe I should call it "thankful in 10 minutes".

Anyway, here's how it goes: I set my timer for 10 minutes, then write down the things I'm grateful for. Once the time's up, then I'm done. I don't keep a journal for it. Whatever piece of paper I can get my hands on, I use. I simply list what I'm thankful for without reasons. I mean, I know why I'm thankful for them anyway. ;) I don't list down things in a rushed manner, of course. I take my own sweet time.

Today, I decided to do it here in my blog. Let me set the timer...GO!

nice, clear skies. a good winter day. walking Zack outside. checks in the mail. direct deposit. cranberry apple tea. good comments on my school work. nice classmates. funny hubby. funny Zack. good health. good friends who know me. dreams. day dreams. night dreams. refreshing naps. free tea. work. supportive professors. people who make me smile. people who make me laugh. people who love me and who I love in return. helpful FAQs. friendly neighbors. good neighborhood. peppermint tea. a full refrigerator. home-cooked meals. this laptop. my other laptop. my cellphone. being in touch with people I care about. people who care enough to be in touch with me. looking at old diploma and transcripts. potential new job. talking to former co-workers early in the day. getting a 9-hour sleep. this blog. my other blogs. business inquiries. excellent TV shows. excellent movies. workshops to attend. friends. old friends. new friends. never-thought-we'd-still-be-friends-till-now friends.

OK, 10 minutes is done. :) Back to my regularly scheduled programming. Hope your day's going well!