March 15, 2012

The New Girl

Four weeks later, I'm still the New Girl in the office. Understandable given the last time they had a new girl was last year. Naturally, everything the New Girl does is news.

"OMG. New Girl drinks green tea in the morning!" Um, yeah.

"The work area near New Girl's work space is so noisy. How can she get anything done?" Do I have a choice? You guys placed me there.

"New Girl's computer is so slow." Sure, that's true.

"She's a giggly one, that New Girl." Loud and proud.

"What's up with New Girl that The Boss supports everything she suggests?" This one, I overheard.

"New Girl's attention when learning new things is like a lynx on the hunt." Thus said The Boss.

Everyone knows everything I do. Kind of odd since I pretty much keep to myself and talk only to my boss and the folks I have to manage.

I still have no idea what everyone's names are. I've given up trying since there's more than 30, possibly 40 folks around. Thank goodness for those handy IDs. :)

I smile. I greet them "good morning" or "good afternoon". I go my merry way.

Right into my second week, I noticed that someone kept stonewalling me when I try to get information. I'm given information that I'm not asking for. Yet I'm not given information that I'm asking for. What to do?

Started worrying everytime I'd go to work. How can I get things done if I'm not getting the information I need? Things came to a head this week. Allergies attacked me big time too. Ever heard of a severe asthma attack at work? Yeah, that'd be me. Difficulty breathing. Chest pain. Feeling faint. Blue-tinged nails. First time that ever happened to me...and I've had asthma since early 2000s. The Boss recognized the symptoms pronto. ER folks gave me a day-off. Told me to take it easy. When I returned to work, The Boss asked me what was stressing me. I actually realized during my day-off that I WAS slowly getting stressed, and told him why.

The Boss is funny. He laughed and said, "you don't know why? One word, New Girl - THREAT. You're scaring the others here. They're suddenly afraid that you'll surpass them easily."

Insert photo of me with dropped jaws here.

"What should I do? Not do my job?"

"Keep doing a good job. I'll deal with them. Just stay the way you are."

Color me baffled.

He's right though. I'm there to work, after all. Remind me again why I want to go back to full-time work? Oh yeah, the usual reason - purchasing power.