March 11, 2012

Off they go tomorrow night

Our hosting of the Archangels is nearly done by tomorrow night. It feels bittersweet somehow, but they're off to other people and places, after all.

I admit, I didn't quite know what to expect from the experience. Then I realized you bring into it what you currently have. You can interpret their presence any way. If you're seeking guidance, then you'll get it. If you want to learn how to be still, then they'll provide it.

In my case, I asked if it's possible that they send their messages in my dreams. (I read somewhere that some people were awakened late at night. Didn't really want that. I needed my sleep.) Even added that I'll take it that their message is the one that stays with me upon waking up. Or at least whatever feeling stays with me upon waking up. It's been interesting.

What's more, I went to a job interview last week. Requested them Archangels to come along with me, if ever. Even texted my sister Lani that I didn't know which Archangel can come along, so I invited all of them.

Dare I say it was one of the unusual job interviews I've ever had? Two interviews were scheduled on two separate days. Ended up getting both interviews done in one day. What's more, at certain points, each interview seemed like they were selling the job and the company to ME. Yeah, instead of me selling myself. Did the Archangels play a role in what happened? I'd like to think so.

I'd also come up with certain insights about certain things that bug me, worry me or mystify me. Some insights seem so unlike me, a bit unusual, so I attribute it to the Archangels.

Overall, it's been a quiet, insightful, even relaxed experience.


Amitabh Choudhury said...

Did you host again? Or was this the only time?