March 25, 2012

Oh yeah!

I worked on a video project for school last week. Two classes joined forces to create entries for a CT-wide PSA contest against underage drinking. Our class contributed the "creative" team, while the other class were considered the producers. I was part of a two-person team with me being the lead creative (whatever that means). Spent two evenings shooting video. First evening, epic FAIL. Got loads of footage, but no audio. Second evening, epic WIN. :) Spent practically the entire Saturday editing and doing post-production work.

Understand, I fear video work. You can send me to do photo projects anytime, but video? Scares the heck out of me.

Sent the link of the final cut to my group mates Saturday night. Here are their replies:
William: Good job on the editing of the video.
Liz: it looks FANTASTIC!!! GREAT JOB!!!
Angie: Nice job. :)
John: Terrific! Thanks.
John T: Great job everyone - it turned out great.
Justin (professor): Very good!!! Fantastic job...You guys did really good.

Plus this text exchange with Anne:
Anne: FANTASTIC CECILIA!!!!!! You are a rock star!!!! Congratulations!!
Anne: Your talent is obvious. Because of our group, our logistics, our had everything stacked against you and you created a piece that hit all the criteria of the assignment! BRAVO!!!
Me: Awww! That's nice to hear, well, read. :-) I really appreciate it! You just made my night!
Anne: Honestly, you have a talent, run with it!!
Me: Just got feedback from Justin! "Very good!!! ...Fantastic job...You guys did really good." A great night to you, Anne!
Anne: Wooohoooo!!! TOLD YOU!!! YEAH YOU!!
The final version will be shown in class this coming Tuesday. But my group mates' feedback totally made my day. :)