June 2, 2012

Self-entitled much?

Started part-time work early this year. Full-time now for almost two months. It hasn't been an easy time. Someone's been playing dirty against me since I joined because she wanted the position I have, but she didn't go for it. But even if she didn't want it, she doesn't want anyone else to have it either. So yeah, I've been at the receiving end of her b.s.

As for the kids I work with, they want: more money, more vacation days, more sick days, more interview days, less readings, less exams, less assessments, less conferences, less caseload, less time doing their rotations, an 8-5 schedule, the new iPad and a hospital-paid cell phone for each one of them.

Self-entitled much? You be the judge. Ask me if I feel sorry that they're not getting want they want.


In short, they want the glory of being doctors, but not the work. Oh yeah, they also enjoy the attitude they have as doctors. Honestly, I don't really pay special attention to people who rely too much on their occupations for  their identities (architects, engineers, lawyers, doctors). In the back of my mind, I'm always thinking, "what would you be if you weren't your job? There must be more to you than your work. I hope you're more interesting than that. Otherwise, you're screwed."

I've had an asthma attack at work. Eczema flared up when I went full-time. Everyday, I come home with a headache and back pain. They keep saying that they need me so much in that place. But do I need them? All I want from that place is the weekly paycheck. Geez, the mere thought of me saying that makes me shudder. However, I hesitate in telling my parents about the trials and tribulations in that place - they're happy that I'm working in a hospital where it's stable, etcetera. *sighs*

Maybe it's time to specify to the Universe exactly what I meant when I said I want to work where I'm needed and where I can make a difference.

p.s. I am so happy that I actually finally had the time to vent tonight.