July 1, 2012

Welcome July!

Now we're on to July. A new month always makes me feel hopeful. Like I can make wishes, dream, etcetera. Of course, one can do that anytime, right? But still... :) 

Here's a short list.

I'd really like work that allows me to use my multimedia skills, preferably in the creative media industry. I went back to school to update my knowledge and skills. Now I'd like to use what I've learned, combine it with what I've known for years, and yes, get compensated excellently and acknowledged for what I can do by peers who know how tough the industry is.

I want to work where I live.

I want to go to the Philippines more often. Even better? Going back there.

I want to travel to new places this year. Or even a new place will do.

I want to have a flexible work schedule - one that allows working from home. I want a supervisor who gives reasonable deadlines, allows me to work independently as long as I meet the deadline, treats the team as a team and a family, challenges me, acknowledges my skills to others, and gives credit where credit is due.

I want good and/improved health for my loved ones and me.

July will be an excellent month all around. It will be the best month so far in 2012. :)