September 16, 2012

It's been two months

Two months since I last blogged. I wish I can go back and tell you what I've been up to, but it's been busy that I barely remember what kept me busy. All I know is busy = no blogging time. :( So I'll share with you what I remember most the past two months.

- School. I am officially done with my masters education last month.
- Health. Started going to kickboxing class back in late July.
- Money. Still following my budget and saving, saving, saving.
- Relationships. Been texting friends more often (thanks, Rebtel!).
- Business. Three weddings done. One more to go next month. Two new inquiries for this year.
- Work. Attended a training session. Hoping for things to improve. *crosses fingers*
- Family. Missing those in the Philippines. :(
- Travel. Planned to go on vacation last month, but it didn't happen (see below). Still want to visit the Philippines this year. Status: Clueless.

Our little dog was attacked by an unleashed bigger dog last month while we were out walking him (yeah, our dog was leashed). Which made me see both the good and the bad in people (and dogs, I guess). Zack underwent surgery, and was prescribed 3 strong medicines afterwards. He couldn't eat, sleep or walk properly, vomited at times. Me? I was ANGRY. Angry - at the dog for escaping unleashed, at the dog sitter for allowing the dog to escape unleashed (opening the front door while a dog is unleashed = not a very smart thing to do), at the dog owner for not wanting to pay the medical bills initially, and even at myself for not protecting Zack better, and for being haunted by the experience and refusing to go on walks outside our neighborhood again.

My mind kept replaying the scene. I remember how quickly it unfolded. The dog ran up to us so quickly, and bit Zack. Even when I picked up Zack, the other dog was still going at him. My husband blocked us from the attacking dog.

But we all have to move on, right? Sadly, now I'm afraid and suspicious of bigger dogs. I'm like a crazy woman when we're out for a walk...surveying the landscape...watching other dogs...checking if they're leashed or not. If they are, good. If not, then we either walk faster to keep a safe distance or make sure Zack's covered.

So that's what went on. How have YOU been?


Jon said...

welcome back to your blog after the two months hiatus.

also, you can sue the dog owner at small claims court for the vet bill. think judge judy. :-) poor zach. hope he recovers from the trauma.

Janet was biten once by a bigger dog too. I was partly to blame for allowing the interaction between the leashed dogs. I asked the walker to "help" with the vet bill but he felt so guilty he paid the whole bill. i would have been happy if he paid half.

Cecilia said...

Thanks, Jon. I actually mentioned small claims court at some point. Good thing everything was resolved without it reaching that level.