November 28, 2012

Like an adult

With my many adventures and misadventures in the workplace, I remember always coming up with, "if I were a boss, I would do this, not that" statements. Today I had the chance to practice one of them.

One of the people I work with did something against work policy that resulted in her getting a warning. My boss told me to follow it up. At the back of my mind, "what does this have to do with me?" But action had to be taken. What to do, I was clueless. Especially since I wasn't even part of the issue in the first place (but hey, that's my life in the workplace...I keep getting dragged into cleaning up other people's mess).

So she went to me today. Asked me what she's supposed to do. Told me someone advised her not to put anything in writing, not to leave a paper trail. I told her to call the person who sent her the warning. Clarify what happened. Explain her side. Of course, she refused steadfastly. Still unable to take responsibility for what she did. A part of me already knew that for her to admit responsibility is a stretch of the imagination. This incident proved it. I didn't ask her if she was guilty. I didn't tell her, "I've got your back" though.

"So what should I do?" She kept asking me over and over.

"I think you know what to do. You just don't want to do it."

At the end of our talk, she told me "I'm so sorry. I'm not going to do it again."

"That's good. You know the policies."

I'd long thought that if I were a boss, I'd treat the people I work with as adults, not as children. They've got their own minds. Today, I let my co-worker  realize what she did without me prodding her about it.