January 13, 2013


Me: If ever some end-of-the-world thing will happen, a zombie apocalypse maybe, I'll find my way to you and Zack. (note: this is MY sort of mushy line...ho ho.)
Hubby: Hopefully, I'm working from home that day. If I'm in the office, we're too far, but I'll find you two.
Me: What's a good middle point? Then we'll drive off to safety.
Hubby: Depends if we have time.
Me: True that.

Today's our 18th year together - yeah, hubby and yours truly. That exchange above is a sample of what we talk about, which actually segued into the whole 
"what will the zombies eat after all the humans have turned" discussion. Yes, we talk and laugh about the craziest things. Not that zombies are all we talk about. Oh no.

Anyway, we've had our fair share of ups and downs like most couples. Of course. We don't bicker everyday of the week like some couples, but when we do, it's like all hell breaks loose (or at least that's how it seems to me when I'm all riled up... : D). Once we've had that done, then we're friends again. It's like a therapeutic endeavor to let off some steam, which is what most relationships need every now and then. Together we learned that arguing doesn't necessarily mean that it's the end of the world. It just reinforces how you two are two separate persons who will either react similarly or differently.

I don't pretend that we're the perfect couple. But we do work well together, and that's our strength.

A friend asked me before if my hubby ever requested for a baby from me. And if I'm not worried that he'll cheat because we've been together so long, but still no baby. First question, no. Second, still no (plus the side comment, "you've been watching too many soap operas!). If he asked me that and cheated because we still don't have a baby, then obviously, he's interested in my eggs, not me. Whether or not there's a baby in the picture shouldn't matter if he loves me. It should not spell the end of his love.

We've got our friend Leo to thank for getting us together - he played matchmaker. For me, it was serendipity. A happy accident. Found something I wasn't even looking for. But life's all about taking chances, so I did. Eighteen years later, here we are.

If you found a good man who loves you, wants to be with you, enjoys being with you, and who you love in return, then you're pretty much all set. Everything else should take a backseat. Love is all that matters, after all.