February 13, 2013

He's leaving

My boss called me to his office today. He's resigning.

He assures me that my job's safe. He wanted to know what my plans were at work. He said he didn't want to leave me high and dry. He wanted to make sure that I know my job's safe. He also wanted me to know first before he gave notice.

Of course I've always had one foot in and one foot out the door. I've long wanted to skedaddle. He knows that, and understands it too. But now he's leaving before me. I'm supposed to leave first! Tonight I'm feeling abandoned. We've clashed, disagreed, and agreed to disagree. Some days, we work it out. Others, we just pretty much ignore things and keep working. Turns out some folks at work call us the ideal "work couple", which I did not know about. Good thing too, because I don't like hearing those things.

I'm truly happy for him that he's moving for better opportunities. I've known for quite sometime that he was unhappy with how things were going. His resignation wasn't exactly a big surprise to all of us. But now I realize the implications of his resignation, and it freaks me out. But all will be well, right? One way or the other, I'm truly hoping that it will be OK, and that my next boss and I will work excellently together. *crosses fingers*