February 8, 2013


Waiting for Nemo to get here was a tricky thing.

I went to work at 6:30am for an early start. Everyone else had the same idea. Some were in the office as early as 5am. The rest of the day was spent asking one another, "what time are you leaving?", "how's it going outside?", "is it really going to be awful?" Around 10am, people started scooting out of the building. I left around 12:30pm.

I had to stop by Walgreens to pick up a prescription. Turned out to be quite a wait, but oh well. It is what it is. On my way home, I encountered slippery roads. At one point, I swerved more than 90 degrees while making a simple 90-degree left turn. Which, of course, freaked me out. Thank goodness for anti-lock brake system. Didn't stop me though from making a quick gas stop. Then I was back to fearing making turns. Happily, I got home safe, sound though slightly shaken and stirred.

I planned to nap the whole afternoon, but somehow didn't even get to catch a wink. I ended up signing up for Twitter. Not really sure why. I suspect boredom's the culprit. So now I'm in Twitter for some reason. Then I changed this blog's template.

Hopefully, Nemo won't cause major power outages. It's really cold out there right now.