July 15, 2013

I became someone's wake-up call

Today I found someone from work whom I could've been friends with.

Had I known who to reach out to, I wouldn't have been so lonely in my job. Early on, I was warned to be wary of office politics. To trust my boss and only my boss. Who subsequently quit.

Everyone looked so well-adjusted to their circumstances, except me. Why wasn't I happy with the work I did? Is there something inherently wrong with me that I can never be happy with a job? Even if I was doing a good job, there was this nagging feeling inside, "you're in the wrong place, and you know it". 

After I finally gave my resignation letter, I discovered that another person who did the same work I did in a different department, experienced the same frustration/anger/disappointment/_____ [fill in the blanks]. 

I wasn't alone.

After all this time, I wasn't the only one who felt that way. Yet I bore my burden on my own. I put up a brave front. Faked it till I made it. When she found out that I gave my resignation letter, she thought I was joking. She couldn't believe that I made the decision, despite what everyone else said.

"Sometimes enough is enough," I shrugged.

"I wish I can be as brave as you." 

"Well, that's up to you."

When I got back at my desk, I received an e-mail from her. "Thank you for the wake-up call."

To my surprise, today I became someone's wake-up call.