July 17, 2013

The Great Neck and Back Problem of 2013

I started this blog in 2005 as a result of The Great Back Problem of 2005.

This year, I'm burdened with The Great Neck and Back Problem of 2013. Mind you, there's nothing great about it, except for the pain.

Monday night was awful. Limited range of motion for my neck. My neck and right shoulder hurt like hell. I couldn't sleep. I couldn't even sit up on my own. Thank goodness for my husband who helped me sit up and stand. Cried like a baby. In desperation, we went to the ER around 3 a.m. yesterday morning, and then to my doctor in the afternoon.

In the ER, they gave me Percocet, Valium, Zofran and Toradol. The last one was injected. I hate needles, but what needs to be done needed to be done. The nurse warned me that it will feel like a pinch. Good God! It felt nothing like a pinch. I actually had tears in my eyes afterwards. To think I have a high tolerance for pain. They also gave me a neck brace, a soft collar. Handy little thing. When we got home, I finally fell into a drug-induced sleep.

Later in the day, I went to my doctor. She kept the Percocet, but not the rest. Instead she prescribed meloxicam and cyclobenzaprine. Now the medications make me so drowsy and sleepy.

I confess, I underwent a similar experience back in March. It lasted three weeks because stupid me refused to go to the doctor to have it checked. The work P.A. gave me Skelaxin which supposedly worked wonders for others, but not for me. The fact that it happened again so soon bugs me endlessly. It's like I never learned anything!

Plus, it seemed like what I'm feeling manifested into the physical. After handing my resignation letter, people at work are now throwing so many things my way - to finish, to start, to keep going. It felt like they're putting so much burden on my shoulders just when I'm on my way out.

But the pain I'm experiencing right now is enough for me to realize really and truly that enough is enough. I will reserve my best for those who deserve my best.