July 15, 2013

The silver linings

While lying in bed tonight, I realized that there are things in our lives that we don't usually see as good things. But I'm calling them my "silver linings" because these things made me learn and re-learn lessons. Before I forget when I fall asleep, I'm sharing it here.

  1. Quitting. Specifically, quitting a job that wasn't the right fit in the first place. I finally gave my notice of resignation this month. 
  2. Crying. It made me realize how much hurt I've been going through. Nearly forgot a lesson learned from sometime ago - when you cry more often than you smile, something's wrong.
  3. Experiencing pain. Back pains, tendonitis, asthma attacks, stiff trapezius, digestive problems, etc. All these were wake-up calls to me that something needs fixing. 
  4. Having extra weight to lose. It means I've got more than enough to eat, yes. But it also made me see that I've been using food the wrong way - to comfort me and make me feel better because the work and the people make me feel like nothing.
  5. Being so tired everyday. I've been falling asleep constantly on the couch. Yes, I work so hard everyday. But I'm putting my energy in the wrong places for the wrong people and the wrong situations.