July 23, 2013

Work ethic under scrutiny

Now that I'm still out sick, I'm trying to figure out why I work the way I do. There must be something wrong with my work ethic for me to always end up overworked, stressed and eventually, sick.

Warning: this blog post might seem like I'm tooting my own horn. I probably am but I'm trying to process the ups and downs of how I work. To me, it's important to list down how work colleagues have described me, and how it has backfired on me too.

Everyday, I keep reminding myself:

  • I do my job. Other people will do theirs. If they want something done and if they’re responsible for it, they should do it themselves. 
  • I will use the option to say no. I will use the option to say yes sparingly.

Truthfully, I'm toughest on myself. I'm merciless when it comes to my shortcomings. I honestly don't care about other people's performance as long as it doesn't affect my work and my performance. When it does, I'll go and fix it myself. That way, my track record for doing a good job remains untarnished.

I'm a quick learner. I love learning new things. I find it strange when other people would shy away from learning anything.
Down side? I become the convenient dumping ground for new responsibilities. Since they know I learn things easily, every time there's an "innovation" being tested at work, I get nominated to learn it. Which gets added to my responsibilities.

I'm the go-to person. The one who has all the answers. The one who gets things done. If you want something done, send it my way.
Down side? Suddenly, no one knows how things get done. Even the smallest tasks, no one remembers how to do. Because I'm there.

I'm an independent worker. You can leave me on my own, and when you come back, I'd have a list of everything that I completed in your absence. I make things look easy.
Down side? People think the work I do is easy.

I'm a know-it-all problem solver. Having problems with that Excel spreadsheet? Call me and I'll walk you through it. Figuring out how to combine PDF files into one big file? I can help you too!
Down side? They give me every little problem to take care of. What's more, I actually stop what I'm doing to help. Why can't I leave things be? Why can't I watch on the sidelines instead?

I'm a people pleaser. This one took me by surprise. Hubby actually pointed it out to me. I want to be appreciated.
Down side? When I don't get appreciated, I question myself instead of thinking "too bad! I can't please everyone."

I'm a happy camper. They see me walking in the hallways with a smile, saying hello and greeting people.
Down side? They assume that I'm happy with my job when in fact, I'm simply attempting to be professional. You don't show how miserable you are in the workplace. You man up.

I know that I've got a long way to go before I can figure out the roots of my work behavior. Right now, all I know is this: my positive traits have backfired on me so many times. I'm the one who gets burned by my own behavior. Things definitely need to change.