August 28, 2013

First stop: Singapore

My short Asian adventure has started!

I left the Philippines this morning via Tiger Airways with a long layover in Singapore before going to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I'll be going on a free two-hour transit tour to see Singapore's sights. Awesome because: (1) it's free; (2) it keeps me busy while waiting for my next flight; and (3) I get to see Singapore!

This adventure is adventurous because I didn't plan or book anything in advance except for my flight and hotel. I'm winging it and hoping the little experiment pays off.

So far...

Tiger Airways check-in in the Philippines was a breeze. I didn't check in any luggage, so that probably helped.

Paying the airport terminal fee had no queue. I was second in line, then I was done.

Security check was pretty easy too. Probably because it was so early in the morning.

I was the first in the gate for the flight. Even managed to snooze while waiting for boarding.

Before the plane took off, I was lights out. I only managed to sleep 4 hours since flying to the Philippines. Jet lag maybe?

Arriving here in Singapore, I just puttered around like a lost little puppy. When I went to get my boarding pass for the Singapore-Kuala Lumpur leg of my trip, there was a crowd of students from the Philippines who, for the life of me, would not form a proper line. Law-abiding me was at the front of the queue and was so cheerful when the lady at the counter called me, instead of those who were standing in front of her counter. "Please go to the end of the line." She told them. She gave me my boarding passes in less than 5 minutes. Excellent service.

Next, I planned to take the 9 a.m. transit tour. Of course, I missed it after going around looking for the Transfer Counter Desk. When I finally got there, the 11:30 a.m. tour was fully booked according to the signage on the desk. The kind lady manning the counter asked me if I was alone, told her yes, she called someone and managed to squeeze me in the 11:30 a.m. tour. Yay!

I was off to find something to eat for breakfast. Starving? Yes. I went to the food court, found Coffee Kaki and was curious enough to order the Coffee Kaki Toast set. Unfortunately, they didn't accept US dollars. I was told to go to the foreign currency converter then pay. The gentleman behind me offered to exchange my dollar for the Singaporean one. Yay!

So yeah, so far, so good.