September 29, 2013

Post-shingles maybe?

Today I stayed at home.

Everyone headed out, and I was in Google Hangouts with my husband for almost two or maybe three hours. He saw me eat breakfast and lunch (I didn't space my eating that far apart). At some point, he saw me eat fried rice and pork sinigang, which prompted him to get 2 pieces of pan de sal, a little bit of rice, plus tocino and corned beef. Yeah, we both love to eat.

My mom left the radio on and it played music from the '80s and '90s. Of course, we were listening and singing like idiots. He was teasing me that I'm sosi, but my jologs side comes out when it comes to OPM. Har har har. Sosi indeed. A song played that we both knew, remembered the lyrics of, but couldn't remember the title. Thanks to SoundHound, turns out it was "Changes in My Life" by Jed Madela. I don't think that I even knew the title before. Oh well, it's always good to learn something new about something old.

Before mom left, she asked me if I wanted anything. Told her that I want to taste Baliwag's liempo (thanks to Spot.PH's Top 10 Grilled Liempo). She came back with a kilo of the said liempo, plus some suman. Of course, I ate some of both.

I also heard from a friend from high school who I haven't seen yet. She wanted to schedule a meet-up for dinner this coming Wednesday. Told her that I'm still hideous, but she won't take no for an answer. So now I'm looking for Mediplast Assorted Strips. Maybe I can cover the remaining lesion with a cute strip. : )

It just occurred to me tonight that I'm leaving next week already. My attention was so focused on my shingles that I totally didn't notice the date. Interesting.