September 26, 2013

Shingles: Day 6

This morning's acupuncture session - my first ever - went pretty well. They used thirteen needles on me (yay! lucky 13!) - eleven in front, two in the back. Of the eleven, one went on my left earlobe, which was an awesomely weird feeling. I thought I'd be yelping in pain since it was on the left side of my head, but surprisingly no. The other ten needles went to my legs from my knees to my feet. The doctor warned me that two needles in my toes might hurt. Truth? I only felt a slight pinch so it wasn't really tear-inducing. I laid flat on the bed for fifteen minutes, not daring to move less the needles might go deeper. Come to think of it, I should've just napped. Afterwards, I turned around with my face down and they put two needles on my right neck and shoulder. That time, I actually napped. 

When it was done, I was told not to drink cold water or get myself wet. Of course it was raining slightly when I left. Good thing someone from their facility was around to walk me to the car with an umbrella. Yay!

I might go back either this coming Saturday or on Monday. It's such a relaxing experience. The acupuncturist assistant thought I was used to acupuncture. She said I didn't even yelp or yowl, unlike other first-timers. To think I'm afraid of needles. : ) Hey, maybe I'm getting over my fear of needles, huh?