September 27, 2013

Shingles: Day 7

Today's the last day of my medicines.

The tiny crusts on the lesions I got haven't fallen off yet. Thankfully, I didn't get a lot - just 3 or 4 little ones. The biggest one is on my eyebrow, which I tried to cover unsuccessfully with my bangs when I went out of the house yesterday.

The acupuncture seems to have helped with the pain. I can touch my head now without wincing so much, just slightly. I can even dry my hair with a hair dryer. What pain persists is manageable now. It's still itchy though. The light sensitivity seems to have abated. Thankfully. I'm scheduled for my follow-up check-up tomorrow afternoon.

Strangely, my cough and itchy throat disappeared when the shingles came. Now it's back. Grrr. I hope acupuncture can help.

By the way, the Universe surprised me last night. I blogged about my friend in Shingles: Day 5, Part 2, including what I told her. Turns out they broke up last night. She's been texting me how sad she is, which, in turn, makes me feel bad for wanting them to break up. Of course, I want her to be happy, but she seems to spend more days unhappy than happy. Guess I'll just wait it out in the meantime.'

Oh, and I finally watched the "Dexter" series finale. I'm still having mixed feelings about it.