October 3, 2013

Leaving in a week

After extending my stay for three weeks, I'm leaving in a week.


I didn't even notice the passing of days because I was consumed with getting better and wondering why I got sick in the first place.

There are still people I haven't seen yet, but coordinating schedules prove to be tricky. At this point, I'll meet with whoever's available. Of course, I just might end up leaving without seeing some people. Guess I'll see them the next time I'm here.

I'm still coughing. My asthma acts up at night (darn you, nocturnal asthma!). I'm still slightly itchy from that shingles bout (no relapse please!). If I stay out too long or go to crowded places, I start getting headachy. I still go for afternoon naps.

I know that I need to relax more, but I feel like there's still time to go out of town (Zambales? Baguio? etc.?). I wish. I didn't go to Thailand, but that wasn't really a serious plan. Sure, I'd love to see Thailand, but sometime in the future, not now.

Anyway, I can't believe that I stayed here this long. Who'd have thought that would happen? Guess getting sick was a blessing in disguise. The government shutdown's got me worried, but you know what? I'll save my worries for another day. I'll just enjoy this week.


Meikah YbaƱez-Delid said...

Cez, glad to know you're OK now. When exactly are you leaving? Baka we can squeeze some time together pa. hehe