October 25, 2013

So sorry, "Supernatural"

I remember watching the pilot episode way back when, but didn't stick with it. I kept seeing Jared as Dean from "Gilmore Girls". I thought it was a show of two pretty faces. No substance, just cashing in on the lead actors' good looks.

Boy, was I wrong! I'm on to season 4 now and it keeps getting better and better. I'm still so far from season 8, but I'll get there. So far, I've got two favorite episodes - "The French Mistake" and "Mystery Spot".

Yes, it definitely helps that Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are totally yummy. Especially Jensen.

So yeah, I'm so sorry, "Supernatural", for discovering and enjoying your charms just now. A little late for the party but I'm there nonetheless.


Jon said...

I luv Supernatural. I am a follower and I wanted to meet them in person at the comic con in San Diego. I do think both boys are yummy but I like Jensen more.

Cecilia said...

Oh yes, I agree - Jensen's the one. :D