November 11, 2013

After Haiyan/Yolanda

1.  Tacloban, Leyte was terribly devastated, but it's not the only one in the Visayas. The list includes, but is not limited to Aklan, Capiz, Antique, Cebu, Romblon, Masbate, Samar, Biliran Province, Siargao Island, Dinagat Province, Sorsogon, etc. Let's spread the word about the other places that got hit by Haiyan/Yolanda. They desperately need help too.

2.  To those who are in the U.S., your dollar donation can and will go a long way. Every little bit helps. Current exchange rate: 1.00 USD = 43.575076 PHP. How about skipping that frappucino, caramel macchiato, etc. for a day or two and donate the money?

3.  Typhoon Signal 4 in the Philippines is equivalent to a Category 5 hurricane. Haiyan/Yolanda was stronger than Katrina.

4.  Don't go on a witch hunt. There will be people who will say the stupidest and silliest things, but LET IT GO. We should all focus on helping and uniting, not dividing the country. Life has to go on, yes. Be thankful for the luxury of having your loved ones, your home and your possessions. Just remember that others lost everyone and everything they've got.

5.  Looting during disasters happen. This wouldn't be the first time looting happened when there's a disaster. Survival instincts do kick in, especially when people are hungry and thirsty. Condemning them won't give them anything to eat.

6.  What on earth is a "calamity loan"? I don't know what it is, but calling it a "loan" seems like the affected people will need to pay it back. Seriously, with what as collateral? The clothes on their backs? Just give them the money to start anew.

7.  Let donor fatigue not set in.

8.  If you have to stop watching the news coverage, do so. But please don't stop caring. We all have something to give. Donate, volunteer, help out.