December 23, 2013

Binge-watching on hold

Started with "Supernatural", followed by "Scandal", then "TED Talks: Chew on This". Netflix has fueled my binge-watching big time.

Now, I've already expressed how yummy I think the guys of "Supernatural" are, so I won't discuss that again. Or maybe some other time, but not now.

As for "Scandal", Olivia and Fitz constantly yammering on about how much they want to be together is really getting tiresome to me. Make HIM decide. For Pete's sake, a refusal to decide is a decision unto itself. Just let Fitz have that darn divorce - after all, the show's title IS "Scandal", so yeah, make it live up to its title. Then have a blast showing the repercussions of that, especially from Mellie. Better yet, why not give Fitz a dose of his own medicine? Get Mellie her very own boytoy. But given how ambitious her character is, that might not happen, no matter how much fun it'll be. Guess we'll see what happens in the upcoming episodes.

I started watching "TED Talks: Chew on This" because I already watched the other TED Talks episodes before. I've been watching a lot of documentaries lately to keep my brain from going to mush. Just trying not to let the idiot box make an idiot out of me. ;)

But now that I'm current with all the episodes, I'm putting the binge-watching on hold.