December 28, 2013

Who's in Instagram and Twitter?

These two platforms are keeping me busy lately. Facebook is getting stale (thus claimed me who posted so many pictures in Facebook lately...haha!), so I finally, finally hopped on over to IG and Twitter. I have two Instagram accounts - one for me, one for Zack. I'm far busier with Zack's that I rarely post anything in my account. Pup's got 90+ followers already! I'm still at a measly 30+. But that's alright, I'm having a blast seeing Zack's followers (mostly shih tzus).

As for Twitter, I've had an account for quite sometime. I just wasn't sure what to do with it. Now I post mostly words of wisdom that I come up with. Otherwise, I use it to scan the news. Twitter won me over when an author from UK tweeted me. : ) I ended up downloading his e-book after a lengthy tweet messaging, which I finished reading yesterday.

Once again, I know I'm quite late in joining the IG and Twitter bandwagon, but at least I'm there now. ; )