January 9, 2014

Focus on the moment

Tonight, Zack reminded me of an important lesson: focus on the moment.

I was sitting on the couch earlier looking at pictures of cute little shih tzus in Instagram and Pinterest, and even going "awww!" at the really cute ones. Then I had the feeling that someone was watching me. It was Zack. The little one was watching me while I was looking at pictures of other shih tzus. He even looked so fascinated watching me.

Which made me realize what the heck was I doing? I've got my own cute little shih tzu to play with and have fun with. I was ignoring him to look at shih tzus elsewhere. So I promptly put my phone down and brought Zack to my lap for some cuddle time.

As I write this post, he's still watching me like I'm the most interesting and fascinating person in his world. So yeah, what a reminder. Duly noted definitely.