January 24, 2014

I lost my hat

Yes, I lost my hat.

I know it's just a hat, but it was my favorite winter hat. Hubby bought me a replacement, one that will eventually win over my heart, but right now, I miss my red hat, the one with the ribbon.

I keep replaying in my head how it could've gotten lost. I brought it with me in the car, then decided not to wear it because it didn't match my scarf. So it should still be in the car, but it's not. I didn't even see it outside of the car while it was parked. Where could it have gone?

Since I don't want to whine about this in FB or Twitter, I'm keeping it here in my blog between us. I'm reminding myself that if I lost something I like, then hopefully, something better's in store (not necessarily a hat, mind you).