April 11, 2014

"I don't have a hometown"

Recently, I edited my Facebook "About" section, specifically the "Places Lived" to show less information. I removed the info on hometown and current city.

Now every time I'm logged in, Facebook tells me that my profile is "60% complete". Keeps bothering me to reveal my current city and hometown. Which I refuse to divulge. Then FB lists the places where my family and friends are from. As if telling me, "we know where your contacts are from, so we can put two and two together and guess where you're from!"

Damn you. Leave me alone.

Last night, I noticed that there's actually a link "I don't have a hometown". Boy, was I tempted to click on it! Just to be annoying, of course.

Seriously, social media is becoming way too intrusive for my liking. I keep reminding myself that social media is a tool that I have control over. I just have to make sure and be vigilant that it doesn't control me.