April 7, 2014

It's April already!

I thought I'd blog more often last month, but then again, I notice most of my friends in the blogging world have been remiss with blogging too.

Not much exciting stuff to report really.

We're off to California next week to celebrate hubby's birthday.

Social media-wise, I'm always in Instagram checking out pictures. Facebook is becoming a bit annoying, so I don't log in as often. Guess it helps that I don't log in to FB using my phone anymore. Before I was logged in to FB on my phone, laptop and iPad. I'm even thinking of deactivating my account. We'll see. Maybe it's just a phase.

Now, here's a quick vent about the series finale of "How I Met Your Mother". I like it, but seriously, they all reverted to how they originally were! Here I was pleased as a punch that Barney matured...then they show him and Robin divorcing...Barney chasing after girls in their 20s while he's in his 40s...and yeah, Ted going back to Robin. After I ended up liking Mother because she was so similar to Ted? Why on earth did they make us like The Mother? Seriously? I guess my feelings about it deserves a separate blog post.

What else? I've baked about six batches of pan de sal already. I'm learning how to shape the bread properly, so it's starting to look consistent.

I also found the baking sheets that I've been looking for. The one I have has been seeing much action thanks to pan de sal, but I can't bake more with just one baking sheet. HomeGoods has been such a great store to buy my baking stuff that I'm always there. They have really great cheap prices! Love, love, love HomeGoods! I make sure to go once a week because their inventory changes so quickly.

By the way, the table I mentioned in my previous post? We went to Ikea to check it out. Unfortunately, it was too tall for me. It would be tough to knead dough with such a high table, so the search goes on.

Here's hoping April will be a good month for all of us!