May 19, 2014

May is nearly done. Wow.

May is nearly done. Wow. I shouldn't keep getting surprised at how fast time flies, but I can't help it.

The birthday surprise I planned for hubby worked out great. Amazing that so many people contributed, yay! Our one-week trip to California last month is finished. It was definitely hotter there than here. After we got back, hubby and I both got sick for a week. I tried the tip from "Simplify Your Life" not to take anything but aspirin. Granted, I didn't take aspirin, just Tylenol but it worked. A week later and I was fine. Imagine my surprise. Usually by the 4th day, I'd haul my butt to the doctor who then prescribes a caboodle of medicines for me to take. This time around, I resisted going to the doctor just to see what would happen. I slept 8-9 hours at night, napped, drank tea and freshly squeezed juices, amped up my intake of fruits and veggies and took Tylenol. Surprisingly, I was better by the 7th day! I was so proud of myself like you won't believe. It usually takes me two to three weeks to get better.

I'm hoping to lose weight before my birthday in August. I'm rarely concerned about weight. Honestly, I love eating far too much to care but since I gained weight in California, something must be done. My MIL was busy cooking up a storm in the kitchen every single day we were there. Since we don't see them often and we don't get to enjoy her cooking that often, I threw all caution to the wind. Goshdarnit, it's good food and good food must be eaten. :D But I'd still like to lose weight before my birthday. That way, there's room for more eating during that time frame...hahaha! I kid you not.

I started a food blog a while back (thanks to Lynn's prodding). There are still plenty of drafts that need to be written (10 more to go), but it's where I chronicle my baking experiments and other food-related concerns.

What else? Hubby and I binge-watched the first season of "Hemlock Grove". I was surprised to find out that one of the lead actors, Bill Skarsgård, is the brother of Alexander Skarsgård (yeah, I love him in "True Blood"). I liked the show enough to watch all the episodes. I also watched CW's "Star Crossed", but it turns out there won't be a second season for that show. Too bad, it was interesting enough.

Memorial Day weekend is right around the corner. We've no plans yet where to go, if ever. We just need to decide if we're going out of town for the upcoming long weekend.