June 21, 2014

Summer begins!

Who's ready for summer?!?!?

My little herb garden with basil, mint, cilantro and parsley has been repotted in proper pots. Even my brandywine tomato is all set. The patio table with two chairs are already outside. We've been eating dinner there this week and enjoying the outdoors. I'd like to buy one hanging flower plant, but that's not really a must-buy. I just want to add a bit of color. I also want a hot pepper plant. If I end up not buying either one, it's no big deal. We got rid of our old grill because it was too disgusting for words. Not sure if we're getting another one. So far, we just bring out food cooked from the stove out to the deck. So yeah, our deck is definitely primed for summer.

I've been to my dermatologist and allergist as well. Summer tends to bring out my eczema and allergies, you see. My dermatologist advised me to start using sunscreen with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. I've got one heck of a sensitive skin, so buying off-the-shelf won't cut it. Which is a bit annoying because I actually just bought sunscreen. Oh well, gotta do what the doctor says.

I fell in love with a hybrid bike we saw in Costco, but we didn't buy it. I don't really need a new bike. It's just rare to find a bike that suits my height pretty well. We have gone biking already in that trail in Monroe.

I keep telling hubby that I prefer winter to summer, but now that summer's just around the corner, I'm actually excited to go biking some more and do other outdoor activities. Go figure.

Anyway, here's wishing all of us a fun summer!