January 9, 2015

Star Wars Prequel Trilogy

Last Sunday, we started watching Star Wars Episodes 1-3 again, one movie per day just for the heck of it. Regretfully, I still don't adore this trilogy compared to the first trilogy. Only "Revenge of the Sith" rocked big time.
  1. "The Phantom Menace" - No thanks to this movie's soporific effect, I can never finish watching this one. Anakin's forced youthful exuberance was weird. Seeing the future Darth Vader going "yippee!" was a bit unsettling. Why the hell was he so young? I wish they made him at or near Padme's age, so the eventual romance wouldn't have been so creepy. What's more, why did they kill off Qui-Gon Jinn and Darth Maul so early? There's still more they could've contributed to the trilogy. 
  2. "Attack of the Clones" - Am I the only one who shuddered at the Anakin/Padme scenes? It's cringe-worthy. Anakin just gave off such a rapey vibe. Once again, I fell asleep watching this movie.
  3. "Revenge of the Sith" - Obi-Wan at his most excellent. I really wish they shared more of his story. His fight scene with Anakin was just awesome. However, the Jedi Temple scene and subsequent annihilation of the Jedis were disturbing. 
In fairness, Anakin did bring balance to the Force. If there are positive forces, then a negative one should set things in balance.