October 13, 2016

I heart Phryne and Jack

Do you know about "Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries"? I discovered it on Netflix and I absolutely love it! I've watched all three seasons over and over already. I particularly love the chemistry between Phryne (Essie Davis) and Jack (Nathan Page)!

Phryne:  I know we have some minor points of contention, Jack, but we enjoy uncovering the truth together, don’t we?
Jack: Therein lies the problem.
Phryne: What do you mean?
Jack: When I thought it was you in that wreckage, I found it unbearable.
Phryne: Sounds serious.
Jack: It is.
Phryne: I am who I am, Jack. I can’t give it up.
Jack: I’m not asking you to give it up. I would never ask you to do that.
Phryne: So you’re giving me up instead? What we do best, us, together, you’d sacrifice that? If you did that, Jack, I would feel…I would feel like it was you lying in that wreckage. Please can you think about that?
Jack: I will.

Phryne: I thought you were with Rosie.
Jack: I was. Is it too late?
Phryne: Never.
Jack: I’ve never seen her like that before. She was in shock. She just needed some company.
Phryne: She needed you, Jack Robinson. The man who always does the right thing. The noble thing.
Jack: Not always, Miss Fisher.