March 31, 2017

From Drab to Delightful: Changing the Brass Light Fixtures

One of the changes we're doing for our place is updating the brass light fixtures to brushed nickel. While the current light fixtures are in great condition, they do look very dated. It's probably been around since our complex was built in 1994.

Unfortunately, we have six of these; one is even on a very high ceiling. That one will probably get replaced by a pendant lamp depending on our budget. I'll post about that when we have the new lamp. Anyway, we're not really looking for anything fancy. As long as it's brushed nickel and below US$10.00, we'd be fine.

After reading that Ikea is a good place to find cheap lighting, we headed there and found this HYBY ceiling lamp. While it wasn't brushed nickel, it wasn't so obvious because the glass itself was white. Not a deal-breaker.

This is the picture from the Ikea website and the HYBY product information.
Hyby White Ceiling Lamp. Photo from Ikea website.
We bought five. It was originally priced at US$12.99, but it was marked down to US$9.99. What a steal, right?

We also got these RYET LED bulbs because the lamps didn't come with bulbs.

Hubby installed one lamp the same night we got them. The light was a bit bright that you can't see the circles on the fixture. I thought it was so pretty!

Today, I searched for the Hyby image to link to this blog post only to come across this bit of not-so-good old news: "IKEA Recalls HYBY and LOCK Ceiling lamps" dated February 9, 2016.

IKEA has identified a potential risk during installation process (not clicking the clip in place might cause tension to the shade) and that the material of the clip may break causing the glass shade to fall posing risk of laceration injury. In order to safeguard customers and avoid further incidents we are recalling the products for a full refund.
Yikes! As much as I love the way this lamp looks, there's no point in taking an unnecessary risk by keeping them. So we'll return all five lamps, plus the bulbs later today. Thank goodness hubby installed only one.

Strangely though, there's no mention in the HYBY Ceiling Lamp page about the product recall. Why they're even selling these lamps right now is beyond me. It should just be removed from their stores, so customers won't buy it by mistake.

As for the replacement, I'm thinking of going with this Commercial Electric 1-Light Brushed Nickel Flushmount from Home Depot. For US$7.88, that'll do. What do you think?

Commercial Electric 1-Light Brushed Nickel Flushmount. Photo from Home Depot website.

UPDATE (April 2, 2017)

Today, hubby went on a light fixture installation spree and replaced all but one of the brass light fixtures we have. We’re still holding off on the bathroom until I’m done painting the ceiling, walls, doors and trim. We already got the light for it though - Ikea’s Vallhall.

For the rest of the house, we got Commercial Electric Clip Flushmount from Home Depot. It costs $7.88 each. However, thanks to their LIGHTING2017 promo code, I got it for $6.30…a 20% discount off! Unfortunately, only three pieces were in stock at the nearby Home Depot. I needed five. I ordered it online, used the promo code and picked it up at the other Home Depot about 14 miles away from us.

There was a bit of wait during order pick-up, but we got it and that's what matters.

It's very minimalist, isn't it?