March 27, 2017

It's time for a home update!

Hubby and I aren't really into home updates. Neither one of us is particularly handy, although of course, he has done more to add little touches to our place. He has changed the light fixtures in the kitchen, dining room and even the one by the stairs. Me? I can only choose what fixtures to get.

This year though, it's time for a change. We're taking on updates that are daunting for us, but possibly easy peasy to those who are used to fixing up their homes. I even have a name for our project: "From Drab to Delightful". That's just me.

Here are some of the stuff we'll be working on:
  1. Change brass fixtures to brushed nickel. Includes cabinet door handles, light fixtures, door knobs and maybe even the door hinges.
  2. Replace or update the kitchen countertop.
  3. Replace the bathroom sink faucets.
  4. Paint the bathrooms, plus the guestroom ceiling.
Here are the current cabinet door handles we have. Nothing awful about it, but the color looks old.

We got two 10-pack Liberty 3 in. (76mm) Satin Nickel Ethan Cabinet Pull for US$15.98, plus an additional 5 pieces at US$1.98 each. We need 25 pieces, you see.

This is the current bathroom sink faucets. Serviceable, but looks icky. I kept wanting to remove the knobs to clean it, but then I'd get scared to try removing it. That's why it looks that way.

I saw two fixtures that I like - one from Costco, another one from Home Depot. Price will determine the choice.

Now here's one of the brass doorknobs to be replaced. Even the door hinges are brass. Ugh!

Then there's this extremely glaring light fixture in the bathroom. We have it in both bathrooms. One's brass and the other one's chrome. Will we change both? Or maybe just the brass one? Depends on the budget.

There you have it, our spring home improvement project. Here's hoping we're not taking on too much!