April 2, 2017

From Drab to Delightful: Changing Ceiling Light to Pendant Lamp

Hubby went on a light fixture installation spree today. Not only did he install the flushmounts, he also replaced the ceiling lamp in our foyer stairway. We used to have this.

At night, it was bright enough for what we need, but it's not brushed nickel. It had to go.

We got this Ikea KROBY pendant lamp for $24.99. It was nickel-plated and did not cost mucho dinero.

Here's how it looked like uninstalled.

For some reason, this illustration cracked me up somehow.

Here is it after installation! Now it's easier to change the bulb.

It's one heck of a gorgeous lamp. Even better, it was just $25! What an awesome buy!