April 7, 2017

From Drab to Delightful: Changing the Bathroom Cabinets (part 2)

Here's the continuation of my previous post about our bathroom cabinets. I'm actually painting two cabinets of different widths. This post is about the half-bath cabinet. I'll post about the master bath cabinet separately. Anyway...

Here's how the half-bath cabinet looked like before this paint project started.

Then how it looked like with the first coat.

Icky, right? Fret not, here's the cabinet with the second coat.

I was planning to apply three coats, but after consulting with hubby, he kept saying the cabinet looked so good already. So instead of doing a third coat, I just touched up the little streaks with the gel stain.

Today, I applied the first layer of the topcoat. According to the General Finishes website, here's the dry time of the High Performance Polyurethane Water Based Topcoat I'm using:

Dry Time to Touch: 30 min. 
Dry Time to Re-coat: 2 hrs.
Dry Time Before Light Use: 7-10 days 
Dry Time Until Cured: 21 days 
At the rate I'm going, I figure I'll be done with this project by Monday. I allot 12-24 hours in between coating to make sure it's pretty dry. For the cabinet doors, one side gets 12 hours drying time so both sides get 24 hours. At least the drawers dry pretty quickly.

I'm so excited to see how this cabinet will end up looking with the new handles!