April 8, 2017

From Drab to Delightful: Changing the Bathroom Cabinets (part 3)

Now this post is all about the master bath cabinet.

Strangely, it's smaller than the half-bath cabinet. What's more, unlike the half-bath cabinet where you only see the front, you can actually see the sides of the master bath cabinet.

Which was made of laminate.
Which means I had to paint it too.
Which sucks because painting laminate is quite tricky.


Anyway, here's the cabinet without the drawers and doors.

While I sanded it till my right shoulder was sore, the stain just looked streaky and yucky.

Left side of the master bath cabinet

Right side of the master bath cabinet

I was afraid that I didn't sand it enough to make the stain stick. I was ready to just buy a can of paint to cover it up. But I decided to stick with it, no matter how annoying it got. I tried a foam brush, a roller and even a sock. It still looked lousy. The roller soaked up most of the gel stain. Same thing with the sock. So I went back to my trusty foam brush. I hoped the second coat would improve things.

It did! The white reflection is actually the toilet, so that's not bad.

Left side of the master bath cabinet after third coat

Right side of the master bath cabinet after third coat

Of course I had to slather on a thick amount of stain, more so than usual, but thank goodness it improved!

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While it looks black in the picture, it's really a dark shade of brown.

Nearly forgot to share this picture! This isn't the current state of the cabinets and drawers since I'm already at the topcoat phase. I took this picture while drying them - some are on their third coat of gel stain; others, second coat. There are still two drawers up for sanding when I took this picture.

Back to the master bath cabinet...now we're thinking of replacing the current countertop and sink with this vanity top: Glacier BayNewport 37 in. AB Engineered Composite Vanity Top with Basin in White (US$109.00).

We'll see how it goes.