May 20, 2017

Don't be a knock-off

I'm a big fan of originality. So many people nowadays simply jump on the bandwagon without thinking whether or not something's right for them. While there are so few hobbies that can be deemed original now, what you choose as your hobby is what makes you original. Not everyone knits, scrapbooks, geocaches and juggles, but if that's something you love enough to have as your hobbies, then it's the sum of your choices that makes you unique.

The concept of originality has been plaguing my mind ever since I learned that my sister's old friend claims she's a foodie and a traveler, but neither enjoys food nor travels.


Then I realized that she's all that because that's how most people are nowadays. Heck, even I describe myself that way. So even if her reality doesn't match the self-identity, she stands firm in the belief that she is a foodie and a traveler.

That's why it makes me sad when I go on Facebook and see people being copycats to everyone else.  You have to find out what makes you tick. What calls out to you? What moves you?